Green Building, 10 Reasons for Success … or Failure!

On Friday 13 November 2020, Mrs. Eman Farag delivered an online lecture to the students and academia of the Department of Architecture, College of Engineering at Mansoura University (Egypt). The lecture was the second in a series of events aiming at augmenting the academic education with real experience. The lecture was given in “Arabic“, but a summary of the main thoughts, the presentation slides and the video recording are shared below.

The objective of the lecture was to demonstrate 10 elements that usually contribute whether to the SUCCESS or the failure of Green Building, which are based on actual experience & real project situations.

The main topics of the lecture were:

  • 1. Vision
  • 2. Goals
  • 3. Design Process
  • 4. Timing
  • 5. Stakeholders
  • 6. Team
  • 7. Collaboration
  • 8. Criteria Selection
  • 9. Local Context
  • 10. Architectural Design

The presentation slides are here:

Watch a recording of this lecture here:

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