Green Engineering Conference & Exhibition 2018

Sponsored by the Qatar Society of Engineers, the two-day Green Engineering Conference and Exhibition was conducted on 23 April 2018. It aimed to raise green awareness and education among the Qatari community and spread the best standards adopted in this field.

Qatar Green Leaders participated in the exhibition as one of the highly recognized Green Building Certification Management firms in Qatar.A number of recommendations were issued during the Conference, which were endorsed by the Qatar Society of Engineers. It includes eight recommendations:

  • to publish the best standards and specifications in green engineering,
  • to raise the awareness and education of green engineering among the community,
  • to encourage the sectors operating in the State to carry out their tasks in building a sustainable future,
  • to present the important achievements achieved by the State of Qatar in the field of green engineering.

Other recommendations include:

  • stimulate research and studies in the field of green engineering,
  • maintain the existing expertise, and support and transfer expertise to future generations,
  • eliminate obstacles and encourage continuation in the field of green engineering,
  • exchange experiences with international organizations in this field, and organize workshops,
  • courses and seminars related to green engineering.

More than 25 researchers participated in the Green Engineering Conference and Exhibition.

The conference discussed a number of topics related to the six sectors covered by green engineering, namely energy and industry, construction, agriculture and food products, communications and transport, healthcare, investment and consulting.

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