The Green Leaders

The people who work at QGL share the vision and values of our community.​

We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, craftsmanship and fun.

The Founders

Eman Farag photo

Eman Farag

Projects Director & Co-Founder

B.Sc. Architectural Engineering
Cairo University, 1992

Diaa El-Masry photo

Diaa El-Masry

General Manager & Co-Founder

B.Sc. Architectural Engineering
Cairo University, 1992

The Leaders

Our talented & experienced team delivers amazing results. We have a can-do attitude backed up by more than 180 years of combined team experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and on budget.

Sherif M Sherif

Sustainability Director
Melinda Yasaranji photo

Melinda Yasaranji

Sustainability Project Manager
Satheesh M photo

Satheesh M.

Sustainability Project Manager

Hussein Abaza

Sust. Project Coordinator
Pradeep Kumar photo

Pradeep Kumar

BD Executive & Proj. Coord.
Gopinath Vasu photo

Gopinath Vasu

Building Energy Specialist

Varsha Ch.

Environmental Specialist

Mawadda Ajabain

Sust. Project Coord.
Abigael Miranda photo

Abigael Meranda

Sust. Project Coordinator

Mugundhan K.

Sust. Project Coordinator

Prakash G.

Sust. Project Coordinator

Mostafa El-Masry

Team Coordinator

The Champions

Our champions are an essential component of our team. They are contributing to the success of our day-to-day work by working relentlessly in the back stage to support the leaders. 

Shafeer PK photo

Shafeer Koya

GSAS Technical Assistant

Civil Draftsman
Associate Degree in Civil Drafting & Civil Eng.

Kabeer RA photo

Abdulkabeer AR

GSAS Technical Assistant

Civil Draftsman
Pre Degree in Civil Drafting,
Manya College, Kerala

Al Brayan Taclap photo

Al Bryan Taclap

Executive Assistant

IT Engineer
B.Sc. Information Technology, Misamis University

Narayan PK

Office Assistant

Zamzam Attallah

PR Officer