Paper Recycling Day, Thursday, 5th November, 2020

As part of our participation to Qatar Sustainability Week 2020, we will arrange a paper recycling day on Thursday 5th November 2020. All waste paper in our office will be split into two piles, usable and unusable.

  • Usable waste paper will be used to make notebooks
  • Non-usable paper will be recycled using one of the local recycling facility.


Since its launch in 2016, Qatar Sustainability Week has spurred hundreds of events across the country that educated and motivated people to adopt sustainable practices and recycle more. Whether it’s at home or work, any recycling effort helps cut back on landfill-bound trash, preserves natural resources, and gives commonly used materials a new life.

If your desire to protect the environment is motivating you to adopt a recycling program at work, you may be surprised to learn of other valuable impacts that may be equally appealing. Following are a few surprising ways that office recycling can be good for business:

  1. Reduce the company’s carbon footprint
  2. Enhance the company’s image and support its vision
  3. Contribute to global efforts aiming at fighting climate change
  4. Save money by reducing demand for new items
  5. Being a role model for others to follow
  6. Lower trash collection fees
  7. Increased employee morale through team activities
  8. Reduce the clutter of employees workspace
  9. Support the community by donating unused items
  10. Reduce depletion of valuable resources for the sake of coming generation

Small efforts alone may not be recognized, but when put together they will have the power of inducing a great change!

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