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LEED Certification Management


LEED Certification Management

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based, market­-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. From individual buildings and homes, to entire neighborhoods and communities, LEED is transforming the way built environments are designed, constructed, and operated. Comprehensive and flexible, LEED addresses the entire lifecycle of a building. LEED provides building owners and operators the tools they need to immediately impact their building’s performance and bottom line, while providing healthy indoor spaces for a building’s occupants.

The entire process of certification is managed by GBCI (Green Business Certification Inc.) through a web interface portal known as LEED Online. All communication with GBCI occurs through this online portal. There is no in-person meetings/reviews/inspections scheduled for the LEED rating system. Project teams are expected to use LEED Online to compile all documentation information, which can then be submitted to GBCI for certification reviews. The certification process is administered by GBCI through an independent 3rd-party submission & review process. However, all communication and approvals occur via LEED-Online with GBCI directly.

LEED Facilitation Service

Providing LEED Administration & Design Integration for Project Developers…


During pre-design and early design stages, Qatar Green Leaders may be engaged with design team(s) to provide Integrated Green Building Consultancy Services including LEED Certification Facilitation, Energy Simulation and Commissioning documentation support.


  • Provide credit responsibility matrix identifying project team’s role and responsibility to achieve the targeted LEED rating.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED requirements.
  • Carry out review meetings; as required, for LEED rating.


  • Update the responsibility matrix identifying project team’s role and responsibility to achieve the targeted LEED rating on monthly basis.
  • Prepare and provide all necessary templates to the project team, in order to meet LEED
  • Carry out review meetings; as required, for LEED

LEED Project Administration

Qatar Green Leaders as the project LEED consultant will provide a team led by a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP) to manage and deliver the LEED process of the project during the design/construction stage and LEED certification submission and approval by the GBCI.

LEED Supplementary Services

Energy Modeling

Energy Modeling provide real time Energy assessment during design.


LEED Commissioning Authority (CxA) Service helps meet LEED Prerequisite.

Enery Auditing

Energy Audits help optimize existing building performance and enhance O&M.

Construction Phase - LEED

Providing LEED Technical Support & Implementation Guidance for Construction Team(s)…

LEED Technical Suppoert

We provide LEED professional & technical support services to the construction team(s), enabling them to implement LEED requirements in the project construction during the stages of works; in accordance with LEED requirements.

Ensuring LEED Compliance

On behalf of the contractor, we ensure full compliance with LEED work-related requirements and will be liaising with the main LEED Facilitator/PMCM. Our LEED Champion will work actively with the main contractor and collaborate with the construction team(s) to meet LEED contractual obligations

LEED Submittals

Our LEED Champion will work with the main contractor to submit additional LEED submittal requirements, which may be included in several sections of the project specifications. CONTRACTOR’s submittals constitutes and essential part of contract requirements.

LEED Action Plans

We prepare and submit LEED Action Plans, which identify the LEED responsible team, the list of the prerequisites and credits that will be attempted and the methods or compliance paths implemented to achieve the Project LEED target certification.

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