Team Birthday Party receives an Eco-Event Award…

We are glad to receive a Level-I Eco-Event Award from QGBC (Qatar Green Building Council), recognising our sustainable practices in organizing a Team Birthday Party. This is just a baby-step, considering the size of the event, but it reflects our commitment to practice sustainability in all aspects of our daily business activities.

Eco-Event Award provides a scalable guidance for event owners and organizers starting from private events and meetings to mega national events to deliver a more environmentally sustainable (low-carbon) event. The award has eleven categories in which each category has various imperative and additional features. Eco-Event award goals include:

  • Drive carbon footprint reduction and create a sustainable event environment based on conservation and efficiency principles.
  • Instigate green procurement, responsible sourcing and circular economy network.
  • Awareness and education through staff training, informing and involving guests to create behavioral change in events industry.

More details on the Eco-Event are available at QGBC’s website here.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to meet the Level-I requirements included:

  • Promoting ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT by appointing an Eco-Event Leader (Mr. Mostafa El-Masry).
  • Spreading AWARENESS among visitors by sharing our objectives in obtaining the award.
  • Reducing WATER consumption by installing aerators to all faucets and posting water saving guidelines.
  • Optimizing our ENERGY usage, by controlling lighting and air conditioning.
  • Proper management of WASTE by maximising the reuse and recycle of waste items.
  • Offering organic and locally produced FOOD AND BEVERAGE including vegetarian options.
  • Maintaining a high level of CLEANING AND HYGIENE using eco-labeled detergents.
  • Improve the INDOOR ENVIRONMENT through air purifiers, indoor plants and prohibition of smoking.
  • Demonstrate our SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY towards our employees and the community at large.
  • Informing our visitors on sustainable means of TRANSPORTATION available to the venue.

The Party

We have celebrated the birthday of Mr. Melinda Yasaranji and Ms. Abigael Miranda, where the whole team enjoyed a get-together time during a heavy work day!

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